Soft vs. Hard Slicker Brush


We understand that the combing is such a struggle, here's how we can help you groom with ease!
Our newly launched professional slicker brush has soft cushion pad to reduce hair pulling from hurting pets.

It comes in Medium and Large sizing.
Medium: 8.8cm X 4.4cm
Large: 11cm X 5cm


【Hard Pin】

  • 0.3mm 304 stainless steel pin.
  • Best to remove tough hair knots and dead hairs.
  • Thicker hard pin to detangle hairs effectively for bath preparation.
  • Recommend professional groomers for heavy-duty grooming.

【Soft Pin】

  • 0.2mm 304 stainless steel pin.
  • Best for removing minor hair knots and dead hairs.
  • A great tool for straightening hair after bathing with a dryer.
  • Recommend professional and daily users for gentle detail grooming.


Just like humans, pet's hair will also need to be combed & cleaned frequently before it is all tangled with dust and hair knots.