First Time User Guide

How to choose your blades?

We know it’s confusing to pick the right size for your needs when there're so many options.

Here's the guidance: as the number of the blade goes higher, the shorter and finer it cuts. For example, size 10 will leave 1/16 inch of hair, which is great for styling short hair and for general use. The size 7 will leave 1/8 inch of hair, which is recommended for matted coat use.

When thinking of a must-have blade, we highly suggest a Size 10 Premium Blade for our new buyers.

Furzone A5 snap-on blades fit most of the other detachable clippers on the market such as Andi AGC AGC2, Wahl KM2/KM5/KM10, Oster A5/A6, etc. However, we strongly advise you to double-check the specification of your clipper before making the purchase. 


We also have the 9 Piece Comb Attachment Set that can help you to cut multiple lengths without having to change the cutting blade.

Each stainless steel comb in this set is designed to easily and securely fit over A5 style detachable clipper blades, and have beveled edges for a safe and easy feed. It comes with a hard plastic storage case to keep the combs organized and protected. The sizes range from 1/8” (3mm) to 1 1/4” (32mm).


That being said, having a  Size 10 and the Comb Attachment Set, you are most likely ready to go, good luck!